COVID-19: July Newsletter

After many months of lockdown, the last few weeks have moved quickly as the world is attempting to re-start safely. As we move forward, we are observing a considerable amount of resurgence in COVID19 cases and outbreaks around the world which reminds us we are not out of the woods yet and we shouldn’t let our guards down. Let us use this as an important reminder to follow carefully the social distancing rules and to wash your hands, avoid unnecessary travel, wear a face mask when possible or recommended, and ride with people you know. 

Covid-19 is changing our world. It has brought people, communities, and nations together. It’s changing the way we live. In our industry, there are more people on bikes than ever. Mountain biking makes communities more resilient during these unprecedented times. It provides many health benefits, helps reduce stress, and allows us to take advantage of the outdoors. 

It’s no surprise the bike industry is reporting a steady rise in bike sales. Bike lessons and guided tours appear to be on the rise as well. We are also observing a surge in new mountain bike operators businesses and it’s our hope to see continuous growth in this industry. But we also hope the mountain bike operators are following the industry standards before conducting their business. 

It is an understandable desire right now for instructors to start teaching independently, but doing so without things like the proper permits, insurance, or tenure, will expose their clients and themselves at great risk. This is simply common sense and should be taken seriously by everyone. 

Mountain bike operators and independent instructors have a responsibility to use due diligence towards their clients and must ensure they have all the required certifications, paperwork, and processes, to do so. Clients seeking mountain biking instruction or guided tours should, in return, choose an instructor/guide with adequate training, insurance, permits, and experience before using their services. The health and long term sustainability of our industry depends on this. 

In British-Columbia a new organization was formed with the intention to facilitate the communication between mountain bike operators, the government, bike tourism associations, and insurance companies. The Mountain Bike Operators of BC (MTBO) is an initiative that will help address this gap and provide guidance for bike operators. Although regulations can vary in each country, we observe similar requirements operators must possess in order to start a legitimate business, all over the world. For more information on best practices in BC please contact MTBO

As it is challenging to follow the guidelines of each country around the world, we are committed to providing you, our members, with updates on a regular basis, that pertains to the global mountain biking industry. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us via email at

Sincerely yours,

Signatures of Paul Howard and David Gagnon