Course Conductor Training Recap

July 2022

This month, we wanted to share with you a bit about our recent Course Conductor In-Person Trainings. As you know, the purpose of the PMBIA is to inspire excellence in mountain bike instruction, guiding, and coaching. Our mission is to, through industry-proven content and instruction, assist mountain bike instructors, guides and coaches to deliver consistent, professional, training standards, worldwide. Over the spring and summer, we were thrilled to finally return to in-person course conductor training after COVID-19 disrupted these trainings for the past two years.

In-Person Course Conductor Training

It’s incredible what in-person training can accomplish, and we have quickly felt its benefits. Training our staff in person has already impacted our ability to provide closer supervision of our course standards and how it is delivered. Paul, our Director of Programs and Development, has gone above and beyond to restructure the current certification system and the Course Conductor training program. While still relying on comprehensive online training, we have improved our in-person training programs which we ran in Australia, the USA (Brevard and Sedona), Whistler and Quebec. It allowed us to have senior and apprentice Course Conductors apply these fresh updates under the supervision of Mentor Course Conductors. The results of this new training system allowed the apprentices to complete higher quality training, enabling them to run courses independently in a shorter amount of time.

What was included in the in-person training?

  • – Training on course content updates
  • – CC’s were assessed on their ability in presenting course standards in terms of teaching and riding, through practice presentations.
  • – Risk management workshop
  • – Bike setup and equipment workshop
  • – Course Conductor riding improvement sessions
  • – Exchanging of ideas and experiences between course conductors

Bringing our incredible course conductors from all over the world was not only fun & educational, but it truly marked a new era for PMBIA. Having our outstanding crew training together after the tumultuous past two years of the pandemic, teaching PMBIA’s new 4-tier system, and learning from each other was a refreshing and inspiring experience for us all. We can’t wait to see this next chapter unfold for PMBIA!

Stay safe and happy trails,

The PMBIA Team

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