Ready, Set, Goals!

October 2022

As the seasons change, regardless of the hemisphere you reside in, it always brings about a time of reflection and looking forward to what’s come. In these times, we always find ourselves assessing our skills and how we can further advance. If you’re starting a winter season, you might be taking stock of the goals you reached over the summer and opportunities for next season’s growth – refining your own skills to better aid you professionally as an instructor or guide. There are several ways we want to support you in advancing your skills and helping you reach the next level in your career. We created specific development modules to aid this growth – check them out below!

Kids Module

Are you passionate about ushering kids into the sport of mountain biking safely? We are too! The one-day Kids Module is perfect for those wanting to layer on the additional techniques required to teach kids. This module will train you how to apply the knowledge and skills from PMBIA Certification courses, specifically to teaching kids mountain bike programs. As with all the below modules, the prerequisite for this course is holding a minimum of a Level 1 Certification.

Adaptive Module

We are proud to be a part of training instructors to aid in the growth of adaptive mountain biking. The one-day Adaptive Module trains instructors on how to prepare for, assist with and teach beginner three-wheeled adaptive mountain bike programs. This course is perfect for those wanting to further the growth of those transitioning into adaptive mountain bike programs. On PMBIA’s Technical Development team, we have an Adaptive Working Group that is working hard with key stakeholders to continue to build Adaptive Programming for Adaptive Riders and Coaches.

Air Module

Are your goals pushing you to become more advanced at teaching jumps and drops? Our two-day Air Module is ideal for those who want to prepare for the four-day Air Instructor Course. The first day of the course included skill-based teaching, and on the second day, you will review the maneuver component of the AIR Instructor Course – learning about and practice-teaching “intro to jumps and drops” lessons to intermediate and advanced riders. This module is also used for those instructors who need to retest the riding or teaching components from the Air Instructor Course, or who need to recertify as part of the PMBIA three-year recertification process.

Tech Module

Is tech riding what gets you stoked? Seeing others safely learn the skills to ride through more advanced terrain? Our two-day Tech Module will support you in doing just that! In the Tech Module, you will explore some of the progressions for safely introducing students to basic wheelies, manuals, bunnyhops and endos, as well as technical climbing, pedalling technique, descending on steeps and cornering. The Tech Module is also perfect for those wanting to successfully complete the full, 4-day Tech Instructor Course. As with the AIR Module, this course can be used to retest the riding or teaching components from the Tech Instructor Course, or who need to re-certify as part of the PMBIA three-year recertification process.

L4 Module

Are you a Level 3 Instructor wanting to make the next leap in advancing your skillset and career? The two-day L4 Module was created to help you prepare for the full, 5-day Level 4 Expert Skills Coaching Course. This module includes two days of training and feedback on your riding and coaching to help prepare for a more successful, fun Level 4 course! If you’re a Level 3 instructor and you’re not sure if your riding or teaching is ready for the Level 4, this module is a great chance to ‘get a taste’ of the full course. You’ll also receive some critical feedback and training to help assess where you are, relative to the Level 4 course standards.

Stay safe and happy trails,

The PMBIA Team

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Online Recertification Training!

Time to do your Level 1 recertification? We are asking all our members to re-certify via the Level 1 Online Recertification Program. 

Regardless of any courses or training you take, your level 1 re-certification has to be completed online every three years. This ensures instructors stay current with the latest teaching methodologies & information that specifically relate to teaching beginner to intermediate riders; which is still the most common student type within the mountain bike coaching industry. You can learn more and register below!

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