Cycling BC and PMBIA Collaborate to Support Youth Clubs in BC

January 2022

Dear PMBIA Members,

The Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association (PMBIA) and Cycling BC are excited to announce their collaboration and partnership to support the youth clubs in the British Columbia area.

PMBIA, the industry standard for mountain bike instructor certification, and Cycling BC, the provincial governing body for the sport of cycling in British Columbia, are officially partnering to advance the development of NCCP coaches and PMBIA instructors.

Cycling BC’s SafeSport and Coach Excellence Policy helps create safe and high-quality learning experiences for cycling participants of all ages. Leaders attending and leading youth club practices and adult learn-to-ride clinics must carry National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) theory and practical training. This new partnership allows Cycling BC to acknowledge the skills and expertise of PMBIA Level 1 and Level 2 instructors and provide credit for NCCP outdoor practical modules.

Cycling BC invites PMBIA members to participate in NCCP practical modules (Club Mtn. Bike Skills) free of charge. The goal of this is to create mentorship opportunities for existing PMBIA instructors and connect our mountain bike leaders across the province.

Photo courtesy Ben Chaddock

“I’m thrilled to enter into this partnership agreement with the PMBIA. Our goal is to get more people on bikes at the youth club level, celebrate the expertise of our community members and deliver high-quality programs. Through this partnership, we are helping develop better-rounded NCCP coaches and PMBIA instructors by harmonizing each other’s strengths for the benefit of our community members.”  – Ben Chaddock, Cycling BC’s Head of Coach Development

“The PMBIA is excited to forge a new partnership with yet another industry leader. Working with Ben and the team at Cycling BC will enable mountain bike instructors and coaches to more easily benefit from the training of both organizations. Ultimately this will help create better instructors and coaches for the mountain bike world and that’s what we’re all about; raising the standard of mountain bike coaching so that the sport is easier and safer to learn and progress, for all ability levels. It’s a win-win for both the members of Cycling BC and PMBIA, and we’re pumped for 2022 and beyond!” – Paul Howard, PMBIA President & Technical Director 

“I’ve been in this coaching and teaching industry for over 25 years, and as a former XC racer, I learned so much from the racing world. As an athlete, the Cycling Federation helped me develop strategies necessary to perform on the bike, like long-term perspective, development, and dedication. PMBIA training programs have built upon and expanded that foundation, enabling me to transition from racing to coaching and teaching effectively. These two organizations complete each other. The industry will significantly benefit from this partnership by providing more tools for mountain bike professionals, developing a higher level of professionalism, and training well-rounded coaches and instructors. I’m so excited to see the results of this partnership!” – David Gagnon, PMBIA Executive Director

Photo Courtesy of the PMBIA

In recent years, Cycling BC and PMBIA members have pursued certification of both NCCP and PMBI credentials and are consistently satisfied by the quality of both programs.

Stephen Pilcher, a PMBIA Level 1 instructor and an NCCP Club Head Coach & Learning Facilitator, had this to say, “In July 2020, I attended the PMBIA Level 1 module in Whistler, BC. The three-day module provided the perfect amount of time to settle in, build confidence with the skills and lesson plans, and gel as a group. Practicing teaching in small groups up to 4 times a day, each participant could master specific movements and lessons, and then with the support of the group, play with variations.

Ashley Jones, PMBI Level 2 and Course Conductor and NCCP Club Head Coach adds, “Both certifications bring value to the instructor and coach role. The NCCP system focuses on a broader spectrum of training for sport and is especially useful for learning about long-term athlete development. The PMBIA focuses solely on developing MTB skills and teaching skills, benefiting those who lead in intermediate and advanced terrain. For our Cycling BC youth trade team, Instinct Development, our leadership team must carry a solid understanding of both areas.”

Steve Shore, PMBI Level 2, NCCP Club Head Coach says, “I found the PMBIA courses to be very relevant to developing skills for each session whereas I learnt more about long-term athlete programming in the NCCP module. Our club relies on coaches understanding both ends of the spectrum so being able to run an individual session to teach certain skills but also understand how each session fits into the longer-term picture. I found that the courses complement each other well to produce a better picture for improving a rider’s mountain bike skills.”

To learn more about the partnership, please visit the PMBIA section on the Cycling BC website. For additional inquiries, please email


Stay safe and happy trails,

The PMBIA Team

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Photo courtesy of the Crux Initiative Society, Golden, BC


Photo courtesy of Hailey Elise, Squamish, BC


Online Recertification Training !

Time to do your Level 1 recertification? We are asking all our members this year to re-certify via the Level 1 Online Recertification Program. 

Regardless of any courses or training you take, your level 1 re-certification has to be completed online every three years. This ensures instructors stay current with the latest teaching methodologies & information that specifically relate to teaching beginner to intermediate riders; which is still the most common student type within the mountain bike coaching industry. You can learn more and register below!

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2021 Updates from the Executive Director

January 2022

Dear PMBIA Members,

We are pleased to write to you with the arrangements for this year’s AGM which will take place virtually from 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM (PST, GMT-8) on Monday, January 24th. The meeting will take place online over Zoom as a Webinar. The AGM agenda is included below.

Zoom Webinar Registration links and packages will be distributed to ACTIVE MEMBERS once they register. You can register to participate using the following form:

You must be an active member to attend the AGM. If you are not “current” with your membership, please consider updating your membership by accessing your membership profile to be eligible to vote and to support our organization.

If you have questions about the meeting or your participation, please contact


Annual General Meeting Information


  • Monday, January 24th, 2022
  • 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM (PST, GMT-8) – Online: Zoom – Webinar
  • (The Zoom call will be available from 6:45 PM)


  • Online over Zoom (Webinar)
  • Registrants will receive participation information and instructions.

Deadline to Register: 

  • Active Members have until January 23rd at 7 pm PST to register
2021 PMBIA AGM Agenda

January 24th, 2022 7pm PST    

7:00 pm: Welcome, Acknowledgement and Call to Order
7:05 pm: Approval of the Agenda
7:10 pm: Approval of the last 2020 AGM Minutes
7:15 pm: Reports

  • 7:15 pm President report
  • 7:25 pm Executive Director report
  • 7:35 pm Treasurer report
  • 7:45 pm Tech committee report

8:00 pm New Business

  • Resolution to approve: “Membership fees Increase”
  • Announcing and welcoming newly elected directors

8:15 pm Adjournment
8:15 pm Members Q&A
8:30 pm Closing

Read AGM Notice In Full


Stay safe and happy trails,

The PMBIA Team

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Online Recertification Training !

Time to do your Level 1 recertification? We are asking all our members this year to re-certify via the Level 1 Online Recertification Program. 

Regardless of any courses or training you take, your level 1 re-certification has to be completed online every three years. This ensures instructors stay current with the latest teaching methodologies & information that specifically relate to teaching beginner to intermediate riders; which is still the most common student type within the mountain bike coaching industry. You can learn more and register below!

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2021 Updates from the Executive Director

November 2021

Dear PMBIA Members,

First of all, we hope you’re doing well! This month we come to you with important updates from our Executive Director, David Gagnon, in regards to our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM), as well as information for those who would like to apply for a seat as a Director-at-Large on the PMBIA’s Board of Directors.

2021 Updates from the Executive Director, David Gagnon

Due to the pandemic, 2020 was a year of unprecedented challenge for everyone. Rolling into the year 2021, the rapid increase of enthusiasts in the cycling industry forced us to make quick changes to a sudden growth in the demand for instructor courses. As countries looked into strategies to reopen their economies, our industry had to constantly adapt to the implementation of COVID-specific safety protocols. I would like to give credit to the entire PMBIA family who has stepped up to these challenges by contributing to the safeguard of all course participants and course conductors, while navigating the complexity of the fluid state of the regional and national restrictions. Our organization has proven its resilience and dependability with all our members.

Even with these challenges, we continued to make progress towards our established goals. In 2021 we’ve updated the organization’s by-laws, and we have continued to build on our successful partnerships with the PSIA, Whistler Adaptive, and conducted another Adaptive Module. To reflect the importance of sustainability in its corporate governance, this year the PMBIA created a Nomination Committee to oversee the succession plan.

For efficiency and better timing with the organization’s end-of-year financials and operations, the BOD has decided to schedule all future AGMs to the end of January.


2021 Annual General Meeting

Safety is once again the priority for our upcoming Annual General Meeting – so we’ve decided that in-person participation by the members will unfortunately not be possible. Members will be able to exercise their voting rights through the online video platform. Registration for the 2021 AGM will be opened at least 14 days before the AGM. The AGM agenda, meeting links, and packages will be distributed to active members once they register.

For the upcoming AGM, January 24th, 2022, the Nomination Committee is seeking 2 nominees with diverse backgrounds, competencies, and perspectives to contribute to the organization’s governance and growth. The priorities are:

* audit/accounting

* corporate and social responsibility

* corporate finance

* legal/regulatory

* risk management

If you are interested in applying for a seat as a Director-at-Large on the PMBIA’s Board of Directors, please visit the application information link below. Applications will be accepted until December 14th, 2021 at 11:59 pm PDT.

Application Information

On behalf of our executive management and our PMBIA community, I would like to thank you, our members, for your continued trust during these extraordinary times. The PMBIA has navigated the pandemic remarkably well, implementing the long-term strategic direction set by the Board of Directors, while taking care of the many pressing challenges of today.

Stay safe and happy trails, and #neverstoplearning

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David Gagnon, Executive Director



Online Recertification Training !

Time to do your Level 1 recertification? We are asking all our members this year to re-certify via the Level 1 Online Recertification Program. 

Regardless of any courses or training you take, your level 1 re-certification has to be completed online every three years. This ensures instructors stay current with the latest teaching methodologies & information that specifically relate to teaching beginner to intermediate riders; which is still the most common student type within the mountain bike coaching industry. You can learn more and register below!

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Share the Stoke, Share the Knowledge!

June 2021

Dear PMBIA Members,

First of all, we hope this email finds you well! This month we want to take the time to highlight some key insights of becoming a Level 1 Certified Instructor and some reminders for those who are already Level 1 Certified. The sport of Mountain Biking is growing exponentially, and it’s expected to grow globally by 10% over the next 6 years (source: Market Future Research). That’s huge! With these projections, we can anticipate a massive increase in beginners entering the sport. New riders mean more people looking to enter the sport safely & with proper instruction. Here’s where you come in:

Share the Stoke
Most people generally get into guiding or instructing because they want to turn passion into a career, right? We can say from experience, there’s an additional & incredible byproduct of becoming a certified L1 guide: sharing the stoke for biking with newcomers. Your shared stoke gets the client stoked, and it just snowballs from there! There’s a wonderful satisfaction you’ll experience when helping others achieve their goals. Seeing the “ah-hah” moments when a rider understands their body positioning or does a bunny hop is incredibly rewarding – because most of us have been there. We can remember the feeling when things started to “click” and the confidence that comes with it. It doesn’t just skyrocket your level of fun on the bike, but the sense of accomplishment bleeds into other areas of life. As an instructor, you get to be this conduit for success time and time again.

Share the Knowledge

Level 1 instructors don’t just get clients stoked on life, at the core of it all they’re teachers who have a deep passion for sharing knowledge. To assist riders in advancing and developing safe skills on the bike, you must be able to share examples of “dos and don’ts” and be able to clearly communicate riding techniques. We can’t highlight this enough: any professional instructor must have an equally present passion for teaching as they do riding. The Level 1 Certification will show you how much teaching is a skill in its own right and how to develop effective communication tools to increase your clients’ skills and fun on the bike! Once you’ve developed this skill, you’ll be able to more effectively communicate with your students and help prepare them to be better, safer riders.

Find your Level 1 Cert Here


Share Responsibly

It’s highly important to share responsibly and teach within your certification level. Code 5 of the PMBIA Code of Ethics states:

“At no point can a member ride, guide, or teach outside of their certification level while working as a mountain bike instructor. Each member must respect the limits of their training, knowledge, and experience, as per their certification level.”

What does this mean for Level 1 Certified Instructors?

  • Instructing or guiding beginner to intermediate riders
  • Sticking to green and blue, single-track terrain
  • Guiding in a “front country” environment, no more than 1hr away from emergency medical care
  • Small group lessons, ranging from 2 to 3 hr teaching blocks (a full day could be two, 3hr lessons)
  • Guide with an established mountain bike school, club or coaching service


New Online Recertification Training is Here!

We are proud to announce the Level 1 Online Recertification Course is officially here! For those of you who missed out on your re-cert in 2020 due to Covid related restrictions, we’ve given you an extension to recertify until the end of 2021. The online certification makes this easier than ever! We’re also happy to offer this course for $59.00 CAD.

Register Now!

Stay safe, ride your bike and #neverstoplearning.

Happy trails and see you soon!

The PMBIA Team

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PMBIA Membership Benefits & Sneak Peek at Re-Certs!

May 2021
Dear PMBIA members,

First of all, we hope this email finds you well! This month we want to bring you insight into your PMBIA membership benefits, as well as give you a sneak peek into the online recertification course we are developing (read-on for more on that!).

But first, what does being a PMBIA member mean? Simply put, you’re in a community of people who are passionate about the advancement of mountain biking skills, safety, and generally speaking, want to get more people on bikes! Being a member also provides continued support to PMBIA, and as a not-for-profit, this is something we are truly grateful for. Your support ensures the continued growth and development of PMBIA, its programs, and its position within the industry. So, if helping to grow this amazing sport isn’t enough for you, here are a few reasons to become a PMBIA member!


We all know mountain biking isn’t a cheap sport by any stretch of the imagination, so we have partnered with several brands to ensure you have access to pro-deals. This enables you to keep your equipment up-to-date and running well. Safe and well-maintained equipment is essential for any professional Instructor to perform their best during work (and look good!).

PMBIA members who are in good standing and have paid their dues will gain exclusive access to pro-deals from PMBIA’s partners. Pro-deals have both limitations (for personal use only) and certain expectations outlined on the pro-deal page. Some of the brands you can look forward to representing are Chromag, Stan’s No Tubes, Troy Lee Designs, Vorsprung, Transition Bikes and Anvl Components, Suspension, MRP, Raceface – Fox – Easton Cycling & Marzocchi and many more from our partner at IPA Collective.

International Recognition

It’s safe to say that devout mountain bikers follow their passion all over the world. This sport is so much more than, well, a sport. It inspires us, defines our communities, and spurs us to seek out the best riding, even if that means switching hemispheres. Being a PMBIA member means you have an internationally recognized certification, allowing you to guide or instruct from anywhere in the world. One Instructor Certification for one sport… no need to recertify if you travel.

PMBIA Instructor Training

Member Resources

The best instructors or guides know that to be a proficient and profound coach means you never stop learning. Continually advancing your skills, refining teaching techniques, and staying up to date with the latest information is vital to becoming a highly regarded guide or instructor. PMBIA members have exclusive, year-round access to the PMBIA Reference Guide, Course Guides and Worksheets, through our online member’s area. If you need to remind yourself of skills, drills, or safety procedures, or even continue your training and learning to the next level of certification, you can.


Job Opportunities

As the most respected and recognized mountain bike certification provider, PMBIA members are highly employable. Your future employer will know you’ve been held to the highest of standards to obtain your certification, as well as possess the latest teaching techniques and skills. This is an automatic win for your resume! Instructors can also seek employment from any of our industry-leading partners, through our Official PMBIA Supporter List. These companies are all over the world and represent the most senior, experienced providers of mountain bike lessons, camps, and tours in the industry.


New Online Recertification Training!

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had, and will continue to have, an adverse impact on the global economy, the cycling industry, and our ability to provide our programs. With the disruption to international and inter-state/province travel and business operations, many members in need of renewing their certifications may have been unable to find a recertification opportunity to keep their existing membership up-to-date as per our PMBIA Code of Ethics.

To answer this challenge and to better support our members globally, we will roll out a New Level 1 Online Recertification Training. This will adequately prepare Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 instructors to stay current with the fundamentals of teaching, coaching and guiding methodologies, and be accessible from the comfort of your own home. This new service will be available in a couple of months and we will inform everyone when it will be available. Until then, all members who are due to re-cert will be granted a grace period until the Online Recertification is live.

In addition to completing the Level 1 Online Recertification, Level 2 will have a grace period and will have to recertify using the Level 2 modules, same as in previous years. Level 3 instructors will be required to attend a two-day Level 3 module which can be used as a preparation for the Level 3 certification course and current Level 3’s will use it as a recertification.

More details will be revealed in the next few months so bear with us as we are working hard to upgrade our 3-year recertification programs.

Until next time, stay safe, have fun on the bikes and we’ll hopefully see you guys online or on a course, very soon!

Happy Trails,

The PMBIA Team

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PMBIA Certified instructors

March Course Updates for 2021 and COVID Booking Policies

March 12, 2021
Dear PMBIA members,

This is an update to the previously announced 60-day booking window for 2021 course registrations.
Due to the ongoing updates with Covid restrictions and vaccines becoming more widely available and in conjunction with with feedback from members and future course participants. We are excited to announce:

!! The 60-day booking window remains active until the registration system becomes updated on the dates below: 



*Registrations will remain open until the courses are sold out or will close 7 days prior to the course start dates.
Please note that as the safety of our members and staff is the utmost priority of the PMBIA, the PMBIA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses in specific areas/regions based on ongoing updates to COVID restrictions. In these cases registrations will either be transferred to the new course dates or refunded in full at the request of the participant. For all other Booking and Cancellation Policies please click here.

Happy trails and see you in 2021,

The PMBIA Team

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