E-MTB Module


The goal of the online PMBIA E-MTB Module & Booklet is to help provide certified PMBIA instructors with the tools required to provide safe, fun, learning and riding experiences for students on e-MTBs. This module will inform instructors and guides about the different classes of e-MTBs, their different technologies and the relevant teaching and guiding considerations these new types of bikes, demand. Like any mountain bike lesson, knowing how the equipment can help or hinder a students’ performance, is a key aspect for any instructor to provide safe, fun, effective lessons. 
PMBIA’s mission has always been to help get more people on bikes, through, safer, better learning experiences. This e-MTB Module empowers the industry to continue to build on its inclusive culture, enabling all persons of all abilities, to enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of riding bikes on trails, regardless of the type of bike they choose to ride.
E-MTB’s represent both an exciting and controversial part of our ever evolving mountain bike industry. They bring many benefits for new and experience rider’s alike, but also specific challenges and concerns as e-bikes increase in sales, year after year. As professional instructors and guides, it is our duty to remain up to date with the latest technologies so we can best cater to merging market within mountain biking.
This training module was developed through the 2019-2020 seasons, through a product partnership with Bosch E-bike Systems and Cube Bike Canada, who were kind enough to provide the PMBIA Technical Development Committee with bikes to use as part of the course research and development. 
Current PMBIA Members in good standing and who have paid their yearly membership dues will gain access to the online E-MTB Module, through their member portal. Simply click on ‘My Courses’ and access the module at the the top of the page! This E-MTB Module therefore adds to the list of the many benefits of making sure members stay up to date and current with their membership dues. For more information on Membership Benefits, please click here.