PMBIA Members will adhere to these codes of conduct at all times, on and off duty. In doing so, members will ensure the PMBIA holds the recognition of a professional organization within the Mountain Bike Industry, and in the eyes of the general public.

Being a Member shall be synonymous with the finest aspects of the sport of mountain biking; namely integrity, honor, and respect at all times to those who have placed their trust in you and your teaching ability. The public expects and deserves the safest, most effective lessons. A member must strive to deliver the finest instruction in terms of safety, techniques, and enjoyment for their certification level, at all times.
To achieve code 1, a member must always strive to further develop their riding and teaching skills to be the best instructor they can be. Continual self-progression is essential if a member is to remain current, up-to-date, and relevant as a mountain bike instructor, in today’s industry.
A member is continuously in the public eye as an instructor and guide, and so must act responsibly, fairly, and professionally at all times, on and off the bike. A member has a responsibility to themselves, their colleagues, and the public to set the best example at all times within the mountain bike community.
Any member who is found to be delivering sub-standard teaching in any aspect will immediately be required to take a refresher course. Failure to do so in a timely manner will result in a retraction of their certification. From 2013, all PMBIA Certifications must be re-assessed after 3 years to maintain the certification.
At no point can a member ride, guide, or teach outside of their certification level while working as a mountain bike instructor. Each member must respect the limits of their training, knowledge, and experience, as per their certification level.
Upon being hired as a mountain bike instructor, a member must interact with their employer in a professional, competent and timely manner at all times – representing the PMBIA to the best of their abilities.
Working within the mountain bike industry can often open many doors for “pro-deals” and/or certain types of sponsorships. Endorsing products purely for personal gain, without true knowledge and conviction of the products’ benefits, is a misrepresentation of the ethos of The PMBIA, and misleading to colleagues and the general public.
Each member must adhere to the International Mountain Bike Associations Rules Of The Trail, the Mountain Bike Responsibility Code, local laws, trail/land closures, and signs, at all times on and off the job.
Each member must hold a valid first-aid certificate at all times, whilst working as a mountain bike instructor. Failure to do so will result in a retraction of the PMBIA certification until a valid first-aid certificate is gained.
CODE 10:
At no point can a member be involved with any illegal or criminal activities. The use of alcohol or any prohibited substances, under any circumstances, while working is not permitted; failure to comply will result in a permanent retraction of their PMBIA certification, and PMBIA Membership.
CODE 11:
The Board of Directors shall take appropriate disciplinary action should any breach of the Code occur. Action can vary from a simple reprimand to a lifetime suspension of membership.