Kids Module




The 1-day Kids Module is a professional training module to further the skills and knowledge of PMBI instructors.

The 1-day module is packed with value as instructors learn a multitude of tools to develop their teaching, including but not limited to; how to adapt their lessons for children of different age groups, kids-specific bike and equipment set up, risk management and concussion protocols, more strategies for guiding children safely on technical terrain, as well as explore techniques to help manage the behaviour and expectations of children.

While the Kids Module is a great way for Level 1 Instructors to learn more about teaching kids mountain bike programs, it also introduces some new teaching concepts, acting as great preparation for the Level 2 and 3 certifications.

The Kids Module also provides access to the latest PMBIA Reference Guide, Kids Module Booklet (complete with course-specific content), and the Kids Module Worksheet.


  • Learn more about teaching kids. If you’re a Level 1 or 2 instructor and plan to teach kids programs a lot, this training module is ideal.
  • Improve the safety of your lessons. Learn more about guiding kids on suitable terrain, given their age, size and physical capabilities.
  • Make your lessons more fun! There’s lots more to teaching kids than simply “playing games”. If they are riding bikes and improving, they’ll be having fun. Learn to deliver the best lessons in the optimal way for each age group, so your kids keep coming back for more!
  • Develop your teaching skills for all types of riders! The 1-day module provides continued training and development to help instructors refine the delivery of any lesson, regardless of the student type. 
  • Prepare for the Level 2 or complete your Level 3 Certification: The Kids module introduces some new concepts featured in the Level 2 Certification and acts as a mandatory component of the modular Level 3 Certification. Instructors can take this module at any point following their Level 1 Certification. 


  • PMBI Level 1 Certification
  • Completed Kids Module Worksheet
  • Confident riding at trail speed on technical, intermediate terrain, including green, blue and “light” black trails.
  • A minimum of 36 months mountain biking experience.
  • 40hr Wilderness First Aid Certification, or equivalent, strongly recommended (but not required to take the course)
  • The minimum age for the L1 Kids Teaching Module is 15 years old. However, the PMBIA does recommend instructors younger than 17, work with an assistant coach of age to help deal with any personal, first aid or emergency situations, should they arise.


Pre-course preparation is the best way to get the most out of the course, prepare and learn as much as you can during the course. Please allow plenty of time to read the materials and complete the worksheet.

KIDS MODULE BOOKLET: This provides an agenda of the 1-day course and the specific course content and workshops to help complete the Kids Module worksheet. 

KIDS MODULE WORKSHEET: Candidates must complete the Kids Module Worksheet (at the back of the course booklet), prior to the course commencing. This worksheet acts as the  “written assessment” portion of the course. Candidates must submit their worksheet directly to the Course Conductor, in either print or electronic format (e.g. email or viewable PDF format on their phone). 

PMBIA REFERENCE GUIDE: This is the complete, detailed Instructor Reference Guide to be used for course preparation before the course, during the course and for continued learning after the course.

Prior to the course and in order to complete the Kids Module Worksheet, candidates should read the following sections, as a minimum:

  • Teaching Children (Teaching Skills section)
  • Level 1: Beginner to Intermediate (yellow section)
  • To view these items, log into the Members Area (after you have registered for the course), go to ‘My Courses’ and click on the relevant course.


To learn more about course logistics, such as weather protocols, timing and equipment requirements, please visit the Kids FAQ page


Because the Kids Module is a professional development module, the focus is on learning skills and knowledge to help better adapt your lessons to working with kids. Consequently there is no pass/fail assessment as part of this module. 

There will be discussion and feedback throughout the day to help identify any areas for improvement in riding, guiding and teaching skills, as needed. 

However, because the prerequisite of the Kids Module is the Level 1 Certification, it is expected that instructors can demonstrate the riding and teaching skills of the Level 1 Certification, at a minimum. Examples of the Level 1 Riding and Teaching Standards are here.

Please read through the details below for information on common questions, before emailing us:

  • GENERAL QUESTIONS – age, first aid requirements, rain, never taught before, etc.
  • COURSE LOGISTICS – booking travel, times, weather, lunch, first aid requirements and equipment.


No. While the PMBIA strongly recommends all instructors be a minimum 40hr Wilderness/Outdoor First Aid certified before working as an instructor or guide, you do not need a first aid certificate, prior to participating in the course.
Yes, the course runs rain or shine. Mountain bike instructors and guides work in the outdoors. If clients want to ride in the rain or heat, within reason, the instructor or guide has to. With the exceptions of extreme weather and/or lightning, the course runs so make sure you have dressed appropriately and have spare clothes if required. Spare socks and gloves go a long way on rainy, cold days.


Be ready to ride, regardless of the weather; be sure to dress appropriately for conditions and bring spare clothes as required. The course will not be cancelled due to rain or hot/cold weather. Only severe weather conditions such as heavy rain (which damages the trails), heavy snow, lightning storms, or extreme heat waves, may result in a course being rescheduled.

To view our Booking & Cancellation Policy, please click here:

Please be punctual and arrive ready to listen, learn and ride! Plan your journey to the course location and if in doubt, take extra time to avoid being late. We will take up to an hour for lunch each day, between approximately 12pm – 1pm. Please bring food or money for food, depending on course location. Days typically finish between 4-5pm.
For courses in lift-accessed, downhill bike parks (lift up, ride down):
Ideally, the PMBIA recommends a good working, modern “Trail” or “Enduro” bike with 5-6 inches of suspension front and rear, quality disc brakes (180 or 200mm rotors) with downhill or enduro casing tires (to avoid pinch flats associated with harder terrain and higher speeds in bike parks). Although not ideal, due to cadence and climbing exercises when practice teaching, downhill bikes can also be used on a Level 1 course in a lift-accessed, downhill bike park.
A modern helmet that fits correctly and knee pads, are mandatory. Gloves and elbow pads are strongly recommended, but at the discretion of the individual. Full face helmets can be worn, but are not mandatory.
For courses in cross country trail networks (no lifts, ride up and down):
A modern, good working cross country, trail or enduro bike. Downhill bikes will NOT be suitable for Level 1 courses held in cross country trail networks.
A modern helmet that fits correctly, is mandatory. Knee pads, gloves and elbow pads are strongly recommended, but at the discretion of the individual
Instructors and guides must be self-reliant and therefore capable or carrying and using the following equipment. Please be sure to bring the following items as a minimum…

  • working phone
  • pen and paper
  • small backpack or hip-pack to carry these things…
    • spare tubes and patches/tubeless puncture kit
    • tire levers and pump
    • multi tool and chain tool
    • first aid kit
    • rain jacket
    • water & snacks
    • lunch, or money for lunch