Level 1-4 Recertification


The PMBI Association currently offers a variety of recertification pathways, depending on the level of certification, and requires instructors to re-train every three years. Instructors can reset the three year timeline by taking any certification course or development module, prior to the three year expiration date.

This system is key in ensuring the PMBIA members maintain consistent, professional teaching and guiding practices within the mountain bike industry, while allowing flexibility and encouraging instructors to continue progressing through the PMBIA certification and training system. 

  • Instructors can avoid having to take a recertification module by taking any course or module prior to their three-year certification expiry date, AS WELL AS the Level 1 Online Recertification (Complimentary when attending a Kids Module/Adaptive/AIR/TECH//L4).
  • Recertification is required when a member does not take any other course or module within a three year cycle.
  • Recertification must be for the current level and type of certification held, only.
  • Level 4 Instructors must recertify via the 2-day L4 Module.


This online program enables all our members worldwide to benefit from training and support from PMBIA to keep their teaching skills fresh and sharp, so they can continue to inspire and safely create the next generation of riders. This program is an essential component to all the PMBIA Recertification Pathways, so every instructor is up to date with the latest techniques and tools to teach beginner to low-intermediate riders. 


The following table outlines the specific pathways for Level 2, 3, and 4 Instructors, including the e-prep (online reading and worksheets for the respective module) and on-bike components. These pathways utilize the 2-day Air, Tech and L4 Modules, to complete the on-bike components of the recertification process. Regardless of certification level, candidates will only need to attend a maximum of two-days on-bike training, as part of their recertification process. 

PMBIA Recertification Pathways


All Levels of Recertification will need to complete the L1 Online Recert Program. This is because the Level 1 content is the foundation of all the certifications and therefore acts as the template that the Level 2, 3, and 4 Certifications build on. 

The L1 Online Recert Program for Level 2, 3 and 4 Recertifications only will be complimentary and therefore included in the price of the Air, Tech or L4 Modules.

Level 2 instructors can only recertify on the same type of course. For example, a Level 2 Air instructor can only recertify via the Air Module and not the Tech Module.