PMBIA Membership Benefits


PMBIA Membership grants it’s members with many associated benefits, as well as help support the continued growth and development of the PMBIA, it’s programs, and position within the industry. What does this mean? This means members will be playing an active role in helping develop and improve the teaching standards of the sport; making it safer and easier for people to learn… meaning we can get more people on bikes! So, if helping to grow this amazing sport isn’t enough for you, then here are some further reasons to become a PMBIA member:


Those members in good standing and who have paid their dues will gain exclusive, secured access to pro-deals from PMBIA’s partners. Pro-deals have both limitations (for personal use only) and certain expectations outline on the pro-deal page. Members will gain discounts on the industry’s finest equipment.

Safe, well maintained, up-to-date equipment is essential for any professional Instructor to look good and perform their best during work, while providing pro deal suppliers with professional endorsement and representation, from industry-leading Instructors.


The PMBIA Certifications are not only internationally available but also the most widely adopted and recognized certification in the world. The majority of PMBIA Instructors work in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, while other countries include Chile, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, and Korea. One Instructor Certification for one sport… no need to re-certify if you travel.


Being able to teach in both cross country and downhill environments, combined with the ability to effectively teach skills and Guide on singletrack, technical terrain, PMBIA Instructors are highly employable. Instructors can also seek employment from any of our industry-leading partners, through our Official PMBIA Supporter List (see Testimonial page). These companies are all over the world and represent the most senior, experienced providers of mountain bike lessons, camps, and tours in the industry.


Gain access to our online store to get preferred, member rates on all our PMBIA merchandise. Items to purchase will include technical riding jerseys and hoodies, socks, and general PMBIA merchandise like multi-tools, t-shirts, hoodies, and hats.


PMBIA members have exclusive, year-round access to the PMBIA Reference Guide, Course Guides and Worksheets, through our online member’s area. If you need to remind yourself of skills, drills, or safety procedures, or even continue your training and learning to the next level of certification, you can. Future plans for our member’s area includes PMBIA Teaching & Riding Videos to supplement the on-course training.


Quarterly newsletters are exclusive to PMBIA members and will keep you up to dates with course developments, new venues, and scheduling details, as well as riding and teaching tips to continue your learning and expertise as an Instructor.

PMBIA’s Facebook page is the best place to stay up to date with the latest news, developments, and course dates, as well as riding and teaching tips, photos of participants on course, as well as fun industry links such as videos from Pinkbike, Vital, and more.