Here you’ll find some of the kind things people had to say about their instructor training experience with the PMBI Association.


“Whistler Off Road Cycling Association recognize the PMBIA as an excellent provider of mountain bike instructor certifications and training. We believe that the philosophy, course structure, delivery and depth is ideal for our coaches and guides.”

Whistler Off Road Cycling Association, Whistler, Canada

“The Blue Mountain Bike School has been a supporter of the PMBI since 2011. Over these past few years we have made the investment in our staff to ensure they are certified under the PMBI banner. This ensures a consistent and quality approach to teaching riders the essential skills needed to come down the mountain safely. We are very proud and happy to support the PMBI and their very professional and complete approach to teaching MTB.”

Blue Mountain Bike School, Ontario, Canada

“PMBIA qualified instructors guide our tours, into the Tasmanian wilderness or onto it’s best known groomed trails, offering riders tips and tricks to handle the trails. New trails experienced, new environments encountered, new skills in the bag, MTB holidays of a lifetime.”

Vertigo Mountain Biking, Tasmania, Australia

“We have been getting our Mountain Bike Instructors trained and certified by PMBIA for the last 3 years and we have been very satisfied with the professionalism of the organization and the quality of the Instructor Course content and delivery. It provides our staff at Sun Peaks with excellent training and knowledge, which helps us provide our guests with the finest mountain experience.”

Sun Peaks Bike Park, Kamloops, Canada

“We have been working with PMBIA at the bike park here for years and the association has been absolutely great to work with. The camps are well organized and always run well and our staff who taken the PMBIA courses have come out being fantastic coaches and ambassadors of the sport.”

Silver Star Bike Park, Vernon, Canada

“PMBI has been critical to my success as a mountain bike instructor. Through the program I have learned the proper techniques to help increase the ability and safety of my clients. Being a member of the PMBI Association gives much needed credibility to my business and provides standards based instruction for my clients.”

Cycle Right MTB Clinics, Idaho, USA

“Arbutus Routes is a proud supporter of the PMBI. The course provides the foundation for effective teaching and all the fundamental skills needed to progress as a mountain biker. This course is now mandatory for our guides as we have found great success in using the teaching on the trail. The courses will benefit riders of all abilities from beginner to professional. It’s great to see this level of professionalism come to mountain biking.”

Arbutus Routes, Whistler, Canada

“Our relationship with Paul Howard and his instructor training goes way back to 2002. To see the progression of the PMBI courses and now this move into the PMBI Association, is wonderful and is a testament to all his hard work. We’ve no doubt the professionalism of the PMBIA Trainers and the experience gained by our instructors/guides during their courses, is the best in the mountain bike industry. ‘A-Class’!”

Cross Country Connection, Whistler, Canada

“Trail Sports staff took a PMBI course from Paul Howard in 2008 and found the course to be very well delivered. The course was well developed to train an instructor to teach beginner to intermediate mountain bikers. We have used the acquired skills to teach over 6000 beginner lessons since taking the course. We intend to have our new staff take the PMBIA course next year.”

Trailsports, Canmore, Canada

“KMBC has been a strong supporter of the PMBI Instructor Certification for the past 6 years. It is the preferred certification for all our staff and we are excited to see the program grow and gain international status. This is a huge step forward for the Mountain Biking industry, providing operators with a standard certification that we can trust is up to our standards and is delivered by a professional organization that is focused on producing quality and consistent coaching. There has been a need for this sort of organization in the industry and I congratulate PMBIA for making it a reality.”

Kootenay Mountain Bike Coaching, Rossland, Canada

“Blue Star Camps is a residential summer camp for children ages 6-16 in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and is an accredited member of the American Camp Association. We run a multi-faceted Outdoor Adventure program, and hire staff from all over the world to be trained and lead each of our adventure activities.

The course provided quality instruction and taught our participants how to improve their own skills, their teaching ability and their standards of instruction/safety. The PMBI course equipped our staff with the “building blocks” to continue their development and growth once the course ended as well. We would highly recommend this course not only to aspiring and existing instructors, but also to anyone within the Outdoor industry as the skills, tips and tricks taught are highly transferrable to all sports!”

Blue Star Camps, Hendersonville, USA

“I had been teaching mountain bike skills for a number of years before I enrolled in the PMBI Level 1 course with Zep. I found that the well-established pedagogy of the PMBIA training eliminated the need to develop my own. Instead of asking myself at the end of a class “that worked well, I wonder if there is a better way?” I knew that the approach Paul and his crew had showed me was solid. I also spent several weeks as a student of ZEP. Not only am I a much better rider as a result, but the teacher training program was strongly reinforced by exposure to so much teaching from more experienced skills instructors than myself.

I can’t endorse the PMBI approach to MTB skills strongly enough. As a bonus, Paul and the team are tremendous fun to ride with and really nice guys to boot.”

Michael Hanslip Coaching, Canberra, Australia

“TB&B has hosted two Level 1 Mountain Bike Instructor Courses with PMBIA and trained both staff and local riders. The course was well constructed and provided an awesome explanation and instruction of the Six Skills of mountain biking and how to teach in a progressive way. Completing the course has inspired TB&B to develop guided mountain biking packages with local operators and a women’s only weekend program, incorporating yoga and mountain biking ‘Bike Betty’. Completing the PMBIA course gave TB&B the confidence needed to help deliver quality instruction and contribute to peoples enjoyment of riding and increased learning.

Tathra Beach & Bike is proud to be an official supporter of the PMBIA.”

Tathra Beach & Bike, NSW, Australia

“In 2013, Bikes & More hosted the first Chilean mountain bike instructor course, choosing to work with the PMBIA. Their reputation was the strongest in the industry, and they did not disappoint!

Under the very professional instruction, the participants in this course not only improved their technical MTB skills but especially learned how to teach others. The role-game-play was just the right way to keep the instructors entertained to get the best out of them. We have had a lot of fun and look forward to future courses in Chile since receiving many more enquiries”

Bikes & More, Santiago, Chile

“We have over 25 years of combined experience as professional mountain bike athletes, top international level racers and being strong figures in the sport. But PMBI gave us the tools to become great teachers as well, so we can pass our experience and knowledge down and help grow the sport we are so passionate about. Now as Certified PMBI Level 2 Instructors, we have become top industry coaches sought out by riders and racers of all ages and abilities from all over the globe.”

Kovarik Racing, Australia & Canada

“Devo is a non-profit junior cycling organization with over 500 kids riding bikes! We hire 80 coaches and while we look for coaches passionate about riding and have a love for kids, we wanted our upper level coaches to all be trained in teaching skills as well. After having taken a PMBI course myself, I felt that PMBI fit the Devo mission of creating life long cyclist by teaching skills and keeping it fun! The training wheel is the way I teach and I felt that the Devo coaches would benefit from formal training of how to teach skills effectively.”

Durango Devo Mountain Bike Club, USA

“PMBIA has allowed us to relate to our customers in a clear and concise manner that is undoubtedly the best in the business. By giving instructors the tools they need to not only appeal to new riders, but advanced riders alike, the program allows one to really enhance and refine the skills of a modern day mountain biker.”

Angel Fire Resort Bike Park, New Mexico, USA

“Mountain biking professionals don’t need to choose anymore, ZEP and Endless working together is the best thing that could happen to mountain biking instruction in Canada.”

Base Mountain Bike Camps, Calgary, Canada

“The PMBI certification gave me the skills to teach mountain biking safely and with a proven and systematic approach, as well as helping analyze and improve my own riding. The sport of mountain biking is relatively young and PMBI’s instructor certification is a significant step in the evolution and betterment of our sport.”

Cycleye MTB Performance, Rosalind, Canada

“The PMBI Level 1 course was an excellent product that have allowed the Kicking Horse Bike Park to successfully offer mountain bike lessons since 2009. We look forward to increased offerings and growing guest enrollment in future seasons.”

Kicking Horse Resort Bike Park, Golden, Canada

“At Capilano University, we are excited to see Endless Biking part of the new PMBIA and the high quality our Mountian Bike Operations students will receive as a result. Our students will be able to learn the latest industry theory and practices and have the best chance to attain work in the industry with a PMBIA certification. We’ve seen first hand, the quality of Endless Biking training and we are excited to see what the future holds for the new PMBIA.”

Capilano University

“Having both been a student of and a practicing instructor of the Endless Biking ‘ Mountain Bike Instructors & Guides Training’ material, I am very much looking forward to the new PMBIA Instructor and Guide Training standardization and participating in future the courses this will present. Not only to further my clients riding experiences but my own as well. This is a huge step forward for mountain biking world wide”

Lead Instuctor & Guide
Ways2Ride, Salmon Arm, BC

“Glad to see Endless Biking helping lead the way to standardization in the training/guiding/coaching world here in Canada. The future is in good hands.”

Skookum Cycle
Salmon Arm & Revelstoke, BC

“As mountain biking matures, the PMBIA fills a strategic need for the industry to take our sport to the next level advocating for, increasing access to and uplifting the standard of professional instruction further positioning mountain biking’s credibility and success on the world stage.

Utilising the technical program developed by the team with numerous instructors and delivery diverse programs to a full range of riders across Vancouver Island, I have seen firsthand its effectiveness.

With the partnership of visionary companies involved such as Endless Biking, the public will know they are getting the best possible service and value. Likewise the industry can be assured that the creation of the PMBIA will accelerate the deserved recognition of Canada’s instructor development programming internationally and lead us to an even more successful future.”

Drift Biking, Vancouver Island

“At the Coast Gravity Park, most of our staff have been trained by Endless Biking and we use the methodology every day in the park. We are able to clearly communicate with riders safe and efficient techniques that are easy to understand and very helpful for our guests. We are very happy to see Endless Biking a part of the new PMBIA and we are excited to see the training taking a big step to becoming standardized in the industry.”

Coast Gravity Park, Sunshine Coast


“KHMR chose the PMBI Course because it is the best program that we’ve come across. Our insurers wanted to see a comprehensive program and they were familiar and happy with PMBI. We see a benefit to all the experience and training our staff receive – the more the better. I learned firsthand how beneficial these courses are to develop not only one’s instruction abilities, but riding as well.”

Past Kicking Horse Bike Park Mountain Sports Manager

“Getting an instructors qualification was something that I have been wanting to do for a while now. I was super excited, but also nervous, because even though I know how to ride my bike, I didn’t know how to teach people how to ride a bike. Thanks to the PMBI Certification Course, I now have a much better understanding of how this works, and what I need to do to teach people the valuable skills of riding a bike better. I can’t wait to start coaching, and learning how to become a better coach, and hopefully I’ll be able to take his Level 2 course sometime in the near future.”

Anka Martin
Pro Mountain Biker, SRAM Ambassador

“PMBI not only taught me how to teach mountain biking safely and effectively, which is much harder than you think- but it was also a ton of fun. We got in a lot of good riding while we were learning. I came out of this course a much better teacher and rider. I would recommend this course to anyone that would like to instruct/teach/coach mountain biking.”

Katie Holden
Professional Mountain Bike Racer

“What a great course, ZEP has taken the time to breakdown the art of mountain biking and deliver it in easy to understand, teach and learn pieces. During the PMBI course I re-evaluated my riding, and after many years of racing and winning I came away not only having learnt how to teach but also how to ride better. You can teach an old dog new tricks, this course is for anyone who wants to improve there biking and is a must for anyone wanting to go into teaching.”

Andy Bostock
UK National Champ, UCI World Masters DH Champ, Retired Pro Racer

“Getting officially certified to teach people this glorious sport was so fun. The PMBI course was so worth it! We learned great ways to explain the “six skills” of mountain biking while also gaining new skills ourselves. Now I’m really ready to get more ladies confident riding! I’m coming for YOU!”

Lindsey Voreis
Ladies All Ride

“Thanks again for the great course. It sure helped me instruct and come up with new drills and ways to help others improve their riding. I got to put it to practice the day I got back from Whistler taking some travel writers out on a lesson. Focusing on the warm-up and initial skills got them relaxed and ready and they had a great time.”

Kalen Boland
Past Angel Fire Bike Park Manager, Pivot Cycles Employee

“I have attended several mountain bike skills camps taught by a variety of great coaches and even got certified as a MTB skills instructor through another organization, and I can attest to the quality of the PMBI Course. Paul is truly a cut above in experience, knowledge, and coaching ability. The PMBI has a great infrastructure as well and it is a truly professional organization committed to improving mountain bike riders, coaches, and the sport as a whole. I look forward to a long relationship with this superior organization. Thank you! Grateful rider and Coach”

Rich O’Connor
Conditioning and Skills Coach for the University of New Mexico Cycling Team

“Wow what an action packed 4 days! In my eyes the PMBI instructor courses are the most up to date, modern interpretation of how to instruct mountain bike skills and techniques. I well thought out course explained in a very professional manner. Had a fantastic time learning new skills in teaching and how to take my own riding to the next level. I’d recommend this course to anyone! thanks Rad Paul.”

Ben Parker
PMBI Level 2 Instructor, Canberra, Australia

“I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the course. I have completed dozens of courses as a trained physical education teacher, coach and outdoor education instructor. This course rated as high as any of the best ones I have been on.

David and Cory were excellent instructors; they were at all times professional as well as extremely welcoming and inclusive. They adapted to the individual needs of each student and identified their strengths and weaknesses in order to key in on individual areas for every participant to work on and push themselves to be better.

David’s time management and overall direction gave the course clear structure and enabled us all to know exactly what we were doing and why. He used great analogies and stories to build into the concepts being taught and always made the sessions fun. He was an excellent role model as a teacher and an expert mountain biker.

The PMBI resource manual was a good resource to read prior to the course to help everyone ‘get up to speed’ with specific terminology, skill development and teaching practices required.

I will definitely be recommending your organization to my colleagues in the Fitness & Health Promotion and Athletic programs in the College system.”

Grant Bradley
Ontario, Canada

After riding and racing for over 15 years, I thought I knew what I was doing. After spending the last 5 days with Darren in the MBIT Instructor and Guides Training, I feel like I just started riding again! Wee! This was the best investment I’ve ever made and I should’ve done this years ago!

Nanaimo, BC

I think it is such a good thing for the mountain industry, what Endless Biking is doing to help form the new PMBIA and helping standardize training for Instructors & Guides. Having trained our staff, we have the utmost confidence in the program and we know that it is a huge endeavour to form an association like this, that brings our sport together and moves it forward. Kudos to all involved in taking these steps, it is long overdue in our industry and the right people are behind this.

Mike Manara
Mount Washington, BC

“In five minutes of instruction and three corners, Endless Biking changed my riding. They taught me the difference between turning, and cornering”


Endless Biking exceeds my expectations every time. I always have fun and I always surprise myself with my ability, which is directly related to the way that the maneuvers are broken down by your excellent instruction. You make it so easy to learn, and have so much encouragement to give. I haven’t got enough good words to say about you all!

North Vancouver