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The PMBI Association is the governing body for mountain bike instructor certification courses, within the mountain bike industry. The Board of Directors is comprised of experienced, industry experts, each with long-established histories in teaching, pedagogy (instructor training), coaching, mountain biking and mountain bike racing.

Many of the board also represent Canada’s elite ski and snowboard instructors and examiners within the winter industry; bringing a diverse group of people with an unmatched depth of experience and knowledge to the PMBI table.

The PMBI Association is thus run by experts in teaching and instructor training, ensuring the quality of certifications and the training they provide meet, and even exceed, the standards of other, established and recognized instructor associations.

The Board conducts PMBIA’s affairs and business, which are then administered by the Executive Director.

Paul’s resume begins riding and racing in the UK since the early 90‘s, teaching kids and adults in Australia, USA & Canada since the late 90‘s, developer of many mountain bike teaching programs, and Owner-Director of the successful, Whistler-based company, ZEP Mountain Bike Camps & Instructor Training. As Founder & Program Developer of the original PMBI Certifications, Paul’s background in teaching mountain biking, training mountain bike instructors and course conductors is both diverse and extensive.

Paul’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Genetics, from University College London, affording him a unique, scientific approach to riding and teaching. Paul’s strength lies in his ability to critically analyze and study how people are riding, and then develop a focused, effective approach to improving their skill set. Together with his extensive experience and training in teaching, coaching, and instructor training, Paul has solidified his position as one of the industries top instructors.

Paul’s particular contribution to teaching mountain biking has been to introduce a true, skill-based method of teaching to mountain biking; something he has been developing for over 15 years, and has been proven in the winter industries for over 60 years. Skill-based teaching brings a new level of technical understanding, along with more focused, effective teaching strategies to produce safer, more effective Instructors & Guides.

Paul’s expertise extends to the winter as one of Canada’s foremost Instructor-Trainers in CASI (Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors), and as Head Trainer of the Whistler Blackcomb Snowboard School. With years of experience not only training instructors how to teach, but also training course conductors how to train instructors, his knowledge of teaching theory and general skill set is rather unique in the world of mountain bike teaching and instructor training.

His experience extends to racing as a junior, senior and now in the masters category. Paul has also worked as an expert consultant on various legal cases involving outdoor sports teaching & mountain resorts. As well, appearances on Shaw TV and articles in local, national and international magazines.

As Technical Director of the PMBIA, Paul’s expertise continues to shape the programs we run and the Instructors. Guides and Course Conductors we train, all in the efforts of continually improving the teaching & guiding standards within this amazing sport.

  • PMBIA Course Developer
  • PMBIA Level 1, 2 and 3 Course Conductor
  • ZEPtechniques Mountain Bike Camps Owner, Director & Head Coach
  • OTC Advanced Skill Instructor
  • IDP Level 2 (Whistler Bike Park Training Course)
  • Crankworx Garbanzo Masters top 20
  • Crankworx FOX Air DH Masters Top 10
  • Whistler Blackcomb Head Snowboard Trainer
  • CASI Technical Committee Member
  • CASI National Evaluator Training Team Member
  • CASI Level 4
  • CASI Level 3 Course Conductor
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • B.Sc. Genetics (U.C.L)

Darren has developed a very sound resume of Instruction & Guiding and training Instructors & Guides and having a part in training almost 10 000 riders, as a Professional Instructor and Guide over the last 15 years with Endless Biking.

Darren is able to keep his training skills sharp as an Instructor at Capilano University & College of the Rockies, training dozens of new students, from all over the world, every year in a university setting. Darren has been trained by and consulted with many MTB Instructor/coaching training programs over the years: including NCCP, CMIC/IMIC, MBIT & IDP & now PMBI.

Darren is highly regarded in the MTB industry as one of the most experienced Instructors & Guides in the industry. These experiences and vast knowledge give Darren a great edge, with an understanding of different ways to teach, guide and to learn. Like the trails we ride, each situation is unique and can call for a slightly different approach.

One of Darren’s strong points is being able to teach riders and Instructors everything from XC theory and tactics to advanced DH and freeride skills as well as jumping based programs as someone with a tremendously diverse riding background. Darren is as diverse as they come, on a bike and it shows when you see him ride.

Darren’s riding background includes completing in the BC Bike Race several times and now working the event as Bike Patrol, the first rider to descend the Red Bull Rampage course in 2001 and Red Bull Freezride. He was a featured rider on Drop In TV (season 1), Ride Guide TV, pro racing in all MTB disciplines (DH, Dual Slalom/4X, XC), National Factory team manager, and event organizer for various events still to this date. Darren is also the lead guide for BC Bike Ride’s tours throughout BC as well as Mountain Bike BC’s annual showcase of different regions of BC.

  • Endless Biking Co-Owner/Founder
  • Endless Biking Instructor & Guide
  • PMBI Course Conductor
  • PMBI Level 3 certified
  • MBIT (Endless Biking Instructor & Guides Training Course) Program Developer
  • MBIT Level 1 & 2 Course Conductor
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • OFA First Aid
  • CMIC Certified
  • NCCP Certified

Kelli’s teaching resume is one of the deepest you’ll find in the mountain bike industry. She has been an Instructor for over 15 years with: Endless Biking, The Dirt Series, Spokeswomen, Mad March Racing (MMR), Red Bull, Capilano University, College of the Rockies & NS Ride.

Kelli has developed a solid skill set and teaching style that is passionate, fundamentally sound and full of energy. Kelli’s positivity and exceptional teaching skills make her a phenomenal leader and one of Endless Biking’s most sought after coaches. Kelli is not only the president of operations at EB, she’s also an Instructor at Capilano University, teaching MTB Instruction and Guiding in several certificate programs.

Some of Kelli’s highlights include BC Bike Race 2010 1st Place Overall – Solo Women Challenge, 2004 BC Cup overall series winner in Pro DH and Dual/Biker X, 6th place finish at Red Bull Psychosis, 5th place finish at Slope Sistair, the first ever invitational women’s freeride event.

  • MBIT (Endless Biking Instructor & Guides Training Course) Program Developer
  • MBIT Level 1 & 2 Course Conductor
  • Endless Biking Co-Owner/Founder
  • Endless Biking Instructor & Guide
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • OFA First Aid
  • CMIC Certified
  • NCCP Certified

Shannon is the yin to our yang. As the PMBI Association’s bookkeeper and business advisor, Shannon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table as she advises the Board on all matters financial and business-like. As the Financial Manager to Whistler’s largest outdoor adventure provider for many years, she keeps the team in line and the business end of things, sharp.

Shannon also has a significant competitive and teaching background, growing up in Australia competing in state and national titles in swimming and life saving. She also cut her teeth as a certified AUSTSWIM instructor, managing swimming pools and teaching lessons. Shannon is also a certified CASI Snowboard Instructor and one hell of a cook!

As a keen, but relatively new biker herself, she also provides some alternative and very useful insight and feedback on many of our projects and developments.

  • B.Com Financial Accounting
  • 7 Years Accounting Managing for Canadian Adventures
  • CGA 4th Year
  • AUSTSWIM Instructor
  • CASI Snowboard Instructor

David is another exceptionally experienced and highly certified Instructor. As one of only a handful of CASI Level 4 Examiners in the world, they don’t get much more knowledgeable when it comes to Instructor-training than David, regardless of the sport.

David’s expertise and experience with training Instructors extends to almost two decades, and he brings to the table a unique perspective with his outlook on the sport, from his experiences training for and racing XC MTB World-Cups, as well as his senior role as of one of CASI’s top Instructors and course conductors for many, many years. Now based out of Golden, B.C, David lives in the heart of some of the knarliest mountain bike terrain in the world and he simply can’t get enough of it!

David began running PMBI Courses in 2011 and has been instrumental in helping shape the PMBI programs today.

  • PMBI Level 3
  • PMBI Level 2 Air and Trail Senior Course Conductor
  • ZEP MTB Clinics Coach
  • CCA Coach
  • CASI National Evaluator Training Team Member
  • CASI Level 4 Instructor
  • CASI Level 4 Course Conductor


The purpose of the Technical Team is to continually refine and develop the course content, materials and programs the PMBIA offers to the industry. This working group collect any and all feedback from course participants, PMBIA Course Conductors, PMBIA venues, partners and the industry at large, to ensure a constant collaboration with the mountain bike industry.

The Technical Team meet throughout each year to develop and share ideas, to build new refinements and content for the beginning of the “PMBIA Calendar”, starting May each year.

The Technical Team also represents the PMBI Associations elite mountain bike instructors and coaches, working to inspire excellence and professionalism in the mountain bike teaching & guiding industry.

Paul Howard
Technical Director
Darren Butler
Assistant Technical Director
Simon Holden
PMBIA Course Conductor, CASI Executive Director
David Gagnon
Executive Director
Kristian Jackson
US PMBIA Course Conductor
Duncan Mainland
PMBIA Course Conductor, Whistler Bike Park Coach
Ross Dunlop
PMBIA Course Conductor


The Board of Directors are working towards one simple goal: to get more people on bikes through better teaching and guiding practices, from more effectively trained mountain bike Instructors. In our efforts to continually evolve, the PMBIA has elected an Advisory Committee to improve on and maintain our already existing line of open communication, within the industry.

The Advisory Committee is comprised of a group of diverse and highly experienced and knowledgeable individuals that we are honored to work with. This team provide the PMBIA with advice, feedback and insight in to all facets of the mountain bike and mountain bike teaching industries, from around the world.

In establishing this Advisory Committee, the PMBIA Team continues it’s tradition of open forums, listening to and working with the industry to produce the most relevant, up-to-date certification courses possible.

Manager – Snow School and Summer Programming, Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario. CASI Level 4 Instructor and Evaluator, National Technical Assistant, Technical Team – Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors, PMBI Course Conductor.

National MTB Junior development coach for Cycling Canada, Owner of, B.A. in Physical Education with Minor in teaching, Master coach – NCCP Level IV, Course Conductor for Level I, II and III (Intro to Competition / Competition Development), Evaluator for Introduction to Competition and Competition Development

Senior Lecturer of Recreation Management at Appalachian State University, in Boone, NC. Trail Boss at Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park, Trail designer and builder, mountain bike Guide and Instructor.

Owner and Head Coach of TakeAim Cycling, National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) Coach Trainer, PMBIA Level I Course Conductor, Trail Design and Build Consultation, Freelance Writer, Former Professional Rider, US National Endurance Series Champion, and Member of USA Marathon Worlds Team.

CEO Professional Ski Instructors of America, American Association of Snowboard Instructors.

Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) Sport Manager, UCI Level 2 MTB Coach, MTBA Level 1 MTB Coach.

Owner Gravity OZ Bike Co, Professional Coach & Instructor, MTBA level 1 coach, MTB Instructor/Guide Trainer for TAFE, PMBI Level 1, Enduro and DH racer.

Chris and Claire bring a multitude of skills, experience and insight from their careers as top world cup athletes, to their recent success and growth as industry-leading coaches. Based out of Brisbane, Australia and Whistler, BC.

Co-Owner Vertigo Bikes New Zealand, Professional Guide & Instructor with multiple seasons in French Alps and New Zealand.


The PMBI Association operates it courses through our PMBI Course Providers. ZEPtechniques and Endless Biking are the two key course providers in North America, since these companies worked together to create the PMBI Association.

As the PMBI Certifications continue to grow in demand, the PMBI Association will continue to look for, and be open to, new course providers. For more information on the current PMBI Course Providers, you can visit their websites:

If you would like to learn more about your company becoming a PMBI Course Provider, please email us for further details.